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Nut conveyor arrangement

Nut conveyor arrangement

Industry News
2017/09/28 17:20

The first part, the middle part of the standard part of the middle part of the match, the order form.In addition to the shell and the supporting part of the first part of the tail, each section of the casing with the interchangeable nut conveyor, in the Qing Dynasty end screw feeding device material, , Pay attention to location.Drive by a planetary cycloid reducer motor (or other gear motor) to bear with the thrust bearing mounted on the first mobile phone, when the material is transported to bear the axial force by the bearing with the suspension and chassis base The first part of each of the safety parts has been used to support the screw shaft bearing suspension, the suspension bearing has a radial ball bearing (or the entire bearing) after the end with the rolling station holiday (sliding) bearing to support and More screw screw shaft length error, the installation should start from the head, order. Nut conveyor (nut conveyor manufacturer, nut conveyor parameters) must be installed nut conveyor installation accuracy in good condition or not, is one of the prerequisites for daily use, installation must meet the following technical requirements: The screw conveyor is based on at least 10 days before the completion of the installation and the foundation of the water should be able to be reliably conveyed and supported to ensure that the foundation is not too small due to the screw hangar and other changes to ensure that when the machine is operating Screw the screw conveyor enough to stabilize .When hang under the dust, from the top of the gray powder nut conveyor the dust outlet at the bottom, left and right will.