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Construction Characteristics of Welding

Construction Characteristics of Welding

2017/10/09 17:51

1.Mechanical device


IF spot welding system by the mechanical device, power supply device, control device composed of three parts. In order to meet the welding process requirements, the pressure mechanism (welding tongs) uses a double-stroke fast pneumatic transmission mechanism, by changing the stroke control handle to change the opening degree of the welding clamp, can be divided into large open and small to meet the welding operation requirements The Usually the state for the welding clamp short stroke open, when the control button to switch to the "power" position, pull the handle switch clamp clamp clamping pressure, while the current control system to complete a welding cycle to restore the short trip Open state.



2. Power supply unit


The main power circuit consists of resistance welding transformer, thyristor unit, main power switch, welding circuit and so on. At present, we use the welding equipment is 200kVA power, secondary output voltage 20V - 40V single - phase power frequency AC welding machine. As a result of a variety of models collinear production, welding clamp to weld high-strength steel and low carbon steel sheet, welding tongs arm to pass a larger mechanical force and welding current, so the strength of the welding force, stiffness, heat to meet certain requirements, And to have a good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, while requiring the use of welding tongs cooling water, so choose welding clamp electrode arm can withstand 400kg pressure of the new welding clamp.



3. Control device


The control device mainly provides the signal control resistor frequency spot welding machine action to turn on and off the welding current, controls the welding current value, carries on the breakdown monitoring and the processing.