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Hao Jing was established in 1999, is a set of welding equipment manufacturing, mold design, precision machining as one of the modern multi-directional enterprises. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, set up an automated equipment center, the center is mainly used for AC resistance spot welding machine, IF inverter spot welding machine, energy storage spot welding, three-phase sub-pole rectifier welder, , Medium frequency inverter welding machine, butt welding machine, pneumatic spot welding machine, aluminum spot welding machine, copper braided wire forming spot welding machine, nut conveyor, bolt automatic conveyor and a variety of special resistance welding equipment production and manufacturing. After more than 10 years of development, the company has grown into the industry's strongest multi-directional enterprises. Relying on the continuous innovation and development in the field of technology, the company's products have been widely used in automobile manufacturing, stainless steel products, household appliances, chassis, cabinets, low voltage electrical appliances, network cable manufacturing, refrigeration, metal hardware, iron pipe furniture and other fields. Especially in the automotive industry, electrical industry, aluminum products, stainless steel, aerospace industry reputation. As a set of research and development, design, manufacture and sale of professional welding equipment manufacturers, the company of "manufacturing professional welding equipment, the revitalization of famous industry," the purpose of compliance with energy saving and environmental protection, adhering to the German technology, the use of advanced technology projects, In many industry veterans and engineers, technical staff of the joint efforts to a wealth of experience and expertise to provide customers with advanced welding technology and welding equipment. Based on now looking forward to the future, Hao Jing is currently along the set of strategic planning, through outstanding exchanges with foreign companies and cooperation, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment, adhere to carry forward the "professional, trust, cooperation, the pursuit of perfection" Spirit, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, and constantly promote the large-scale enterprises to large-scale, group, industrialization, international direction.

With our well-known resistance welding manufacturers and domestic high technical cooperation, our resistance welding machine, welding plane with its advanced structural technology, stable welding quality and perfect craft services in the automotive, aerospace, electrical, electronic , Hardware, shipbuilding, wire mesh, and other industries have been the trust of many well-known enterprises! Such as Shanghai General Electric, Jiangsu Daquan Group, Xugong Machinery, Panasonic Group, Zhejiang Supor shares. The United States of electrical appliances, Zhejiang love Shida electrical appliances, Zhejiang Geely Automobile Research Institute, the Great Wall Motor, Changchun Changrui Group, Jinhong shares, Tianjin Tianqi Mold Company and its long-term cooperation with the establishment of the partnership.

More than 10 years of development process, the company's products received a large market in short supply, won a large number of domestic and foreign customers favor and approval. In order to better serve customers, the company set up in 2014 in Tianjin holding subsidiaries, service North China, Northeast market sales and after-sales. In the spirit of "good service is someone else is strong", Tianjin Hao Jing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will adhere to the spirit of the development of the company, to absorb new ideas, full-service tracking to the quality of service for life, service response time for the credibility of products Prices for the competitiveness of the business philosophy, based on the Chinese market in northern China.